Tea questions & what tea I should drink?

June 19, 2014

Question by MooMooMilk: Tea questions & what tea I should drink?
I drink a cup of tea everyday and its mostly the same kind: Tetley black tea (British kind).
I sometimes switch to green tea. I drink ONE cup a day with a spoonful of sugar no matter what tea I always have a spoonful of sugar. Not a pile of sugar on a spoon but a level amount. I put a tad of milk in my tetley black tea (I like strong cups of tea, my dad tells me it’s my Scottish side coming out xD since my dad and his family are from Scotland).

Anyways, that’s the backstory.
I have a few questions:

1. Is this bad for me? (Drinking tea) I’ve been drinking it everyday for around.. I don’t know.. Maybe 2-3 years? I’m a teenager by the way.

2. Do I put too much sugar and milk in? I heard that putting milk and sugar takes away all the nice nutrients and vitamins in the tea.

3. Which is better for you, green or black tea?

4. I’m about to have a cup of tea right now, I’m also under the weather with a cold which is really bad because I had mono in the past so it makes me more tired and sicker whenever I get sick. Which tea should I have today? Green (celestial seasonings… Yuck. The only “good” tea they have is the green tea) or black tea w/ milk and sugar (tetley British brand)?

Best answer:

Answer by Dmitry
I’m 13 and i’ve been drinking tea since I was 5. Tea is actually chock full with vitamins and nutrients. I normally drink 3-4 cups of tea per day and get no side effects except for easily removable black tea stained teeth. All tea has L-Theanine, which is a very powerful antioxidant and is the highest in green tea.

Actually, milk adds vitamins and calcium, it was just a stupid scam from an annoying magazine that some ‘tard only looked at the cover of decided to tweet or something that studies show that it takes away vitamins. Seriously, next people are going to be saying that if you add 1 teaspoon of sugar to 1 teaspoon of sugar you will have nothing left LOL.

It depends on what I feel, sometimes I want a lighter flavor and go for green tea or tea made from a completely different plant, like rose. If I want a stronger flavor or I will just get some black tea.

Well, seeing how Green tea has more L-Theanine, you should grab a nice tasting green tea and make a few cups through the day. When i’m feeling sick I make a citris-y concoction of 1/2 tsp black tea [just because the flavor mixes better that way, green tea will be healthier], 1/3 tsp orange rind, 1/3 tsp lemon rind, and 1/3 tsp of freshly grated ginger. Delicious and healthy :D.

Hope you will get to feeling better D:D [the undecided face]


I also normally drink any Twinings tea [i especially love their Lady Gray or Irish Breakfast with some sugar and milk. There dajeeling is really good too, if you are into weaker teas.] or some random tea that I in my local asian market…most of them are actually really good 😀

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