Question by Nick C: What kind of tea is this?
I ate at a Chinese restaurant a few days ago and had some of their tea which was amazing. I usually don’t drink tea so i don’t have much knowledge about it.

The tea was a dark-yellowish color, but not like any tea I tasted before. There was a very distinctive burnt/toasted smell and taste to the tea which made it very appealing to me.

Any thoughts on what kind of tea this is?


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Answer by gahrahstah
Most Chinese restaurants serve either oolong or jasmine tea, in the leaf form.

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Question by Ques: What’s the best kind/brand of green tea/peppermint tea?
I really like cold tea, and used to drink the crystal light green raspberry tea xD

However, i read that Peppermint tea helps reduce stress, and green tea has a lot of health benefits, so I thought that I’d give it a go..

Any suggestions? I don’t like iced tea, but do like arizona’s green tea(in a can..)

Thanks (:

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Answer by Kris
Lipton crushed peppermint tea and snapple green tea has the best tea in my opinion.
but any tea brand will do as long as its not caffeinated.

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